Hi! I’m Miriam.
I’m an American-Israeli mother of five who loves to prepare fresh, seasonal dishes, though I often end up making my kids mac and cheese. (By often, I mean that’s what my two-year-old wants for lunch EVERY DAY.) I sometimes find new recipes that look delicious, but I don’t even try making them because they are full of (over-processed) American ingredients. Every recipe you’ll find here is kosher and  Israel-compatible. Most of them will be healthy, too. Join me as I ignore the laundry and have fun in the kitchen!

I know what you’re thinking: Why does the internet need another food blog? Isn’t it full enough with blogs on every type of ethnic, gluten-free, vegan, everything meat, bake-everything-with-butter, chocolate living, clean eating, and any other category of  food you could possibly want?

My approach to cooking is what fits my lifestyle:

  1. I eat only kosher.
  2. I am a busy mom with limited time to cook and
  3. a bunch of little picky eaters.
  4. When my kids want to eat, they want to eat NOW.
  5. I’m cooking on a budget and therefore try to keep my ingredients list cheap.
  6. I love fresh produce, which is seasonal and delicious in Israel. My kids, less so. But I try to sneak veggies into them any opportunity I get. A few weeks ago, I actually got my pickiest child to eat avocado because I disguised it as chocolate frosting/mousse.
  7. Margarine and nondairy creamer are banned from entering my house.
  8. I often come across healthy recipes that look delicious, but they include ingredients that are either hard to find or very expensive (at least in Israel).
  9. I measure like your grandmother probably does–a pinch of this, a dash of that, etc. In fact, my PYREX measuring cup shattered about a week ago. And I have managed without it (though I am planning on getting another one). This works much better for cooking than baking, by the way.

So…I’m sharing my fast, fresh, healthy, Israeli-friendly cooking with the blogosphere. Along with recipes, you’ll find explanations of specific ingredients, shopping tips, and other advice on family-friendly cooking in Israel.
Welcome! I hope you enjoy!

About the photographs on this site:
Unless otherwise stated, I photographed all of the visuals on this site. Please feel free to share them on pinterest, etc. if you cite where they are from.

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